Our History

Swan Mountain Outfitters is a family-run, outdoor recreation company dedicated to helping people experience the beauty of the place we call home. The company has experienced tremendous growth in its relatively short history, however, their commitment to showcasing the best of what this area has to offer, while simultaneously working to protect and even enhance it, is unwavering.

In August of 2013, Swan Mountain Outfitters was presented with the opportunity to purchase the plot of land and associated buildings where they were operating one of their four Glacier National Park horseback riding corrals. Located less than 1.5 miles from the West Entrance to Glacier National Park, the property represented not only a sound business investment, but also a chance to connect with visitors in a special way.

In 2008, along with the input of local residents, businesses and government agencies the National Geographic Society created the Crown of the Continent Geotourism MapGuide as a means by which to highlight the most unique points of interest in the Crown of the Continent, which encompasses Glacier National Park. Ultimately, however, a map printed on a single piece of paper can only go so far in telling the rich stories of this place. As a result, the group created the Crown of the Continent website, also based on the input of local contributors and field experts, to begin to tell the rest of the story of the Crown of the Continent.

Recognizing an opportunity to align with theĀ Crown of the Continent project, Swan Mountain Outfitters re-vamped the main building on their new property and renamed it the Crown of the Continent Discovery Center. The Discovery Center and the businesses contained within its walls are committed to the principles of Geotourism. Whether it be through the promotion of local retailers, the use of locally grown foods and Montana made products, the coordination of unique outdoor recreation activities or the education of guests about stewardship and conservation opportunities, we are all about preserving, enhancing and sharing our very special corner of the world.