Principle 13 - Evaluate Efforts

Measure development and marketing practices, along with stewardship and conservation efforts to understand the full value of sustainable destinations. Each place must determine the appropriate community benefit and desired return on investment from tourism.

glacier-national-park-loop-dee-brownSuccessful results are best obtained when you have a clear vision of where you want to end up and a list of goals that will help get you there. Our vision is for all of us – visitors, residents and business owners – to work together to make the Crown of the Continent area, not only a better place to visit, but a better place to live. Our primary goal is to make decisions and conduct business in a way that adheres to the principles of geotourism. The evaluation process is a means by which to hold ourselves true to what we have set out to accomplish. It is a work in progress and we would love your ideas on the best way to represent all stakeholder interests and publicize the results!

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