Principle 10 - Conserve Resources

Encourage and promote environmentally friendly business practices.

legendary-hospitality-by-xanterraIn 2013, Xanterra (locally known as Glacier National Park Lodges), bid on and won the 16 year concessioner to operate all of the historic lodges and red bus tours in Glacier National Park. With sustainable operations all throughout the United States, Glacier National Park Lodges is a perfect example of a company dedicated to the responsibility of operating historic facilities in a way that not only preserves the buildings, but also conserves the breathtaking environment in which they reside.

To honor this responsibility they have established a set of Vision Goals to promote their mission of environmental stewardship:

  • Divert from the Landfill 50% of All Solid Waste Generated
  • Decrease Fossil Fuel Usage by 30%
  • Sustainably Source at Least 50% of All Food Items

Glacier National Park Lodges has established several environmentally friendly operating procedures as a means by which to achieve their vision goals:

Minimize Water Pollution:

  • Wash All Company Vehicles (Except the Red Busses) Outside the Park
  • Have Emergency Response Plan that outlines procedures, equipment, and training on hazardous releases

Minimize Solid Waste:

  • Added Additional Recycling Containers
  • Have Dedicated Recycling Coordinators at Lake McDonald and Many Glacier
  • Added Glass Recycling in Our Operations
  • Utilized 1,300 lbs of recycled glass for Warehouse sidewalk
  • Offer Battery Recycling in Retail Outlets
  • Offer Bear Spray Recycling at Our Front Desks
  • Currently Have Four (4) Water Refilling Stations in the Park

Minimize Energy Consumption:

  • Vending Machines Equipped with Energy Misers
  • Replacing Incandescent Lighting with CFLs and LEDs
  • Installing Occupancy Sensors throughout Facilities
  • Purchase Energy Star Rated Equipment

Minimize Water Usage:

  • Linen and Towel Reuse Programs in Guest Rooms
  • Installing and Retrofitting Faucets with Low Flow Fixtures

Minimize Overly Bright Nighttime Lighting:

  • We Ensure that Our Lights Shine Down so that You Can Enjoy the View Around

Crown of the Continent visitors can help them achieve their mission in several ways:

  • Utilize one of the NPS shuttles or see the Park on a Red Bus Tour. This not only minimizes the traffic and carbon footprint in the Park, but also allows you the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the view.
  • Here in Montana we have to separate and sort our recycling materials so we need your help to ensure that we can minimize the amount of solid waste that goes to the landfill. Please look for the recycling containers around Glacier National Park and sort your recycling based on the signage.
  • Before leaving the Park, inquire at any of the Glacier National Park Lodges locations about dropping off your used or unused bear spray. The bear spray canisters will be returned to the manufacturer and recycled responsibly.

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