Abbie Miliscie

Where to begin? This was such an amazing trip from start to finish. My 13 year old daughter and I took a 3 day trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness with Swann Mountain Outfitters. Everything exceeded our expectation from the horses to the camp to the food to the fishing. Our guides were second only to the sublime scenery. We rode in 14 miles to a wonderful camp where dinner was prepared and spent a beautiful evening by campfire. The tents were great with cots and wood burning stoves. Dinner was excellent. the next day we rode into the Bob Marshall and went fly fishing. The lake was pristine with tons of fish. Dinner at camp was wonderful and I was grateful that Betsy the mule carried my wine up the mountain for me! Both my daughter and I felt like this was so memorable. Hats of to Katie, Shawn and Gini for fantastic guiding and food. Run don’t walk to the “Bob” with Swan Mountain Outfitters.