David Gadoury

My wife, my 18-yr-old son, and I booked a half-day trail ride with Swan River at the West Glacier corral, just outside the park. It was early in the season (29 May), so the higher elevation trails inside the park were closed. No matter: we arrived at 8AM to find everything ready to go. Our guide (Christen) was great. There was a brief safety talk, and then we were off. Our horses (Blackjack, Ralphie, and Max) were well behaved and well groomed. Ralphie (my horse) seemed to have power steering! The normal tendency of the horses to snack en route was easily managed. Christen kept up a steady banter with all of the party members, and made sure everyone felt welcome, and at ease. Lunch included a sandwich with enough deli meats to make about three more sandwiches, so arrive hungry. The woods and trails were beautiful. Weather was overcast, but the rain held off. If we get a chance to go again, we’ll book a longer ride into the back country. Fantastic trip, and worth every penny!